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Thank You!

We want to say thank you for taking the time to learn about our little family. We cannot imagine the circumstances that have brought you to this moment. We marvel at the strength and courage you have to pursue an adoption plan, and are so grateful you have been led to our story.

We know what it is like to have life go differently than planned. From the time that we were married, we knew we would adopt, but were not sure when the timing would be right. In our three years of marriage, we have lost multiple babies to miscarriage, and realized God was expediting the adoption process for us. Our faith in our Heavenly Father has helped us be steadfast and know that our family was meant to be built in another way.


We believe that our choice to grow our family through adoption is purposeful and not accidental, and that our purpose in this life is to be parents. We hope that we get the opportunity to know you. We want you to know that we will always tell your baby of your bravery and love for them, and we promise to always honor you as we raise them. Know that we pray daily for your well being and happiness, and cannot wait to share the love we have for you and this new baby.


With love, 

Jeremy & Breaunna



Our Story


Jeremy and I met through a mutual friend during my freshman year of college. Jeremy had just returned home from a two year service mission to Guatemala. I remember the first time I met Jeremy - he was wearing a blue sweater that made his blue eyes so dreamy. (cheesy, I know but he is so handsome!) In between my morning classes, I would sit and study in the common area of one of the campus buildings, and Jeremy would happen to be there with breakfast burritos in hand. We would talk and talk, and I remember feeling more comfortable and at home with him than I had ever felt before. We became best friends, which would later serve us greatly in our marriage. After a few months of friendship, we began dating, and a year later were engaged. We were married  in Salt Lake City in 2015.

Our marriage and family values are based off of trust, unconditional love, patience, respect, and care and concern for the happiness and well-being of each other. We often talk about how grateful we are to have the kind of love and relationship we have, and can't wait to share that with our children.



On any given day, you can find me with a bag of popcorn, and a cold Diet Coke in hand. It sounds kind of silly, but popcorn is a food group in our family and Diet Coke is my personal nectar from the Gods. Ha!


A few of my favorite things in life are trying new restaurants, exercising at the gym with Jeremy or in a fitness class, wandering around farmers markets, going for walks, and running around in the Tetons. I love to cook, and I love to bake even more! Working from home gives me a lot of flexibility to watch the oven and whip together a batch of cookies on my lunch break.


I have a love for podcasts and reading, and live for quiet nights at home with family playing games. If there is one thing that I am 100%  sure of about myself, it is that I love people and thoroughly enjoy having them in my home and getting to know them. I love to entertain and cook for others, and my idea of a happy house is a full one.

In my earliest memories when my teachers would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered that I wanted to be a mother. I feel that being a mother is my purpose in life, and cannot think of a better thing that I could be. I couldn't be more excited to start the adoption process!

Caucasian / American Indian


B.S. in Marriage &

Family Studies



Breaunna, (if you cannot tell already) is amazing! She is the most determined, caring person I have ever met. She has this incredible gift of being able to make everyone around her a better person. Breaunna is always up for a challenge or adventure, and she is not afraid to fail. She loves to cook and try new recipes (most of which are amazing! With the occasional, "that was good, but lets never eat that again"). I love watching her take care of her nephew and seeing how much she loves that little boy. I feel so blessed to be her husband and to raise our children alongside her. 


I think most people consider me as "the nice guy." In fact, a coworker once admitted that he was telling his wife about me, and she only knew who I was when he said, "you know... the nice one." But that's probably because most people haven't played a good card or board game with me (I'm pretty competitive. Just ask my sister in-law). 

Breaunna and I love spending all our free time together as a family. We like to play games, go for walks, find good restaurants (we have a list of the best), and go to the gym together.

I love to mountain bike, hike, play basketball, and pretty much anything active or outdoors. My favorite food is mashed potatoes, but a close second is Guatemalan breakfast (black beans, eggs, cheese, fried plantains, and more fried plantains).

I spent two years of my life serving the people of Guatemala. When I would help a family come to Christ, it reminded me of my own future children that I would, one day, bring up in the light of Christ. I love serving others and putting a smile on someone's face. I'm studying to be a physician because I wan't to be able to serve people every day (and hopefully put a smile on their face in the process). 

I always knew that one day, I would be teaching my children to ride a bike, make a delicious bowl of mac'n'cheese, and to enjoy hard work. I feel so privileged and excited to be a part of this adoption process and hope to be the best father I can be!



B.S. in Biology




Jeremy has the gift of being able to talk to anyone and become their friend. He cares for each person he meets and sees them through God's eyes. He is an incredibly hard worker, and I admire his dedication to his education, career, but most of all to me and our family. I have watched him love and care for our nephew and children in our circle, and am so excited to be his partner in raising our children. He is my very best friend, and I love him more every day!


Baking pies and chocolate chip cookies

Belting out every word of Shania Twain and Taylor Swift's songs

Playing the violin

Going to McDonalds and getting a $1 large Diet Coke

Exercising in Pump It & HIIT classes at the gym


Listening to NPR's How I Built This Podcast

Watching the TV show "Friends" (obsessed)

Watermelon. We could eat a whole Costco watermelon in 2 days, with just the 2 of us!

Playing strategy and board games like Pollyanna, Carcassonne, and Aggravation

Playing Pickle Ball

Our 3lb Parti Yorkie names Ruby

(Her favorite thing is a soft KING size blanket from Costco)


Eating Breaunna's famous chocolate chip cookies

Mountain biking in the mountains and red rocks

Eating roast, carrots, and (mashed) potatoes and gravy

Playing spike ball with his brothers

Learning and studying about the human body - medical school is a dream come true!

Breaunna's Family

I grew up in a small family of four. I have one older sister who is truly one of my closest friends. In fact, all four of us are very tight knit. My parents are my heroes, ​and they taught my sister and I everything about hard work, service, and putting Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ first in our lives. 

Some of my favorite memories growing up are going to the gas station with my dad and getting a Dunford chocolate donut, and a pop on the way home from the golf course, going for drives with my mom and talking about what our dream homes would look like... and camping in our bright yellow tent trailer!

We love to be together. Whether that is vacationing at the family house in Jackson Hole, eating out, playing yard games, or going to a baseball game, we do it all together and love every minute. My maternal grandfather is a big part of my life as well. He has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters through my younger years and married life. Even though we live a little ways away from each other, he still finds time to check in on me every week.

I have one nephew that I adore, and is the light of the family. I can't wait to watch our kiddos grow up together and take part in all the fun we have together!

Jeremy's Family

I grew up in a family where I was the second child of five active boys. ​We were blessed to have a large yard that we could toss the baseball or football around, play night games, jump on the trampoline, have water fights, and play in the snow. I couldn't have wished for better brothers to share my childhood with. 

My mother is my rock. She taught me to love Christ, love my family, treat others better than they treat me, and stand up for my beliefs. I love her and will forever be grateful to her for bringing me into this world. 

My Father is my idol. He taught me to love my mother and respect her. I learned from his example. When he comes home from work, he doesn't sit around and rest, but rather finds ways to help my mom and brothers. He taught me that fatherhood and husbandhood is about working alongside your wife and kids and enjoying every ounce of time together. 

I love my family and am so excited to grow my own family with my amazing wife!